Pending ID – Apiomorpha

Late March 2021
Buckland Tasmanian Bushland Gardens
The tag closest to the tree was Eucalyptus barberi, but this may not be right.
Female Galls
IMG 8412  IMG 8418  IMG 8745
Male galls
IMG 8413  IMG 8414  IMG 8746  IMG 8747
the tree was covered in the galls
IMG 8416  IMG 8417

Opening the female gall after mould started appearing and when no crawlers had emerged. I had assumed the female would have died.  She could squirm very effectively when her legs were on the ground.
IMG 9143  IMG 9145  IMG 9146  IMG 9148  IMG 9149  IMG 9152  IMG 9153  IMG 9155

“improvised” resealing of the gall.
IMG 9156
Quite incredibly (horrifically) on September 26, 2021, six months later the female was still alive in the dried out gall.  Cook and Gullan report that they can live for 5 years.

Cook, Lyn & Gullan, P.J.. (2001). Longevity and reproduction in Apiomorpha Rübsaamen (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea). Bollettino di Zoologia agraria e Bachicoltura. 33. 259-265.