Pending ID – Monophlebidae

#1. Monophlebid ? (male)
Late February 2012
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
(3 mm?). on Juncus


1.1 Male trapped in a spider web
Early January 2023
pinmatik/Rocky Cape National Park, Sisters Beach
Identification thanks to Penelope Mills.
IMG 5880  IMG 5881  IMG 5882  IMG 5883  IMG 5884

#2 Female
Late August 2015
The long waxy anal tube helps to void sugary waste away from the insect. The tube breaks regularly but is regrown quickly.

#3 Female
Late September 2015
Mount Wellington
The droplet is sugary waste being voided through a waxy tube that is grown out of the anal opening.

#4 Late September 2019
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
On Allocasuarina