Pending ID – Creiis

#1. cf. Creiis sp.
Mid August 2010
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
This type of lerp can be semi-transparent to start with but become opaque with time.


#2. cf. Creiis sp.
Late November 2015
#2.1 cf. Creiis sp.
Early February 2021
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart/nipaluna
IMG 8303
#3. cf. Creiis sp.
Late August 2010
#4. cf. Creiis sp.
Late March 2017
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
#5. Creiis sp.
Early April 2014
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Identification thanks to Gary Taylor
#6. cf. Creiis sp.
Mid November 2013
John Turnbull Park, Lenah Valley
#7. Mid November 2016
John Turnbull Park, Lenah Valley
#8. cf. Creiis sp.
Early December 2015
On Eucalyptus morrisbyii
Late December 2021
Hartz Mountain National Park
IMG 2130  IMG 2132