Acizzia acaciae Group

This is an artificial group where we conveniently place the psyllids with forewing pattern closely resembling that of Acizzia acaciae. In that species there are numerous variously shaped dark patches in the apical half and along the clavus. In the marginal cells are four more or less Y-shaped marks extending inward from the wing margin. Species occuring, or likley occuring, in Tasmania includes A. acaciae, A. dodonaea, and A. jucunda. Length from head to wing tip range from 2.25 to 2.75mm.

Late December 2012
Mount Wellington/kunanyi
‘Side-saddle’ mating on young leaves of an Acacia plant.
Psyllidae Acizzia mating copula Australia  Psyllidae Acizzia mating copula Australia  Psyllidae Acizzia mating copula Australia

Late November 2012
Acizzia Psyllidae Australia  Acizzia Psyllidae Australia