Pending ID- Membracidae

#1. Sertorius sp?
Mid October 2014
Buckland Native Gardens.


#2. Early March 2020

Binalong Bay
On Coastal Wattle  Acacia longifolia subsp sophorae
Early October 2022
It was interesting to watch this battle between an ant and a teeny Membracid early instar nymph. The ant held onto a leg and stung the nymph, and the nymph waved its abdominal tip and constantly flipped from one side of the sagg blade to the other. They were usually on opposite faces of the leaf.
IMG 4731  IMG 4732  IMG 4733  IMG 4735  IMG 4740  IMG 4741  IMG 4743Possibly Sextius, (but losing confidence 🙁 )
Late January 2024
Sisters Beach
On Acacia
Photo KE
IMG 0137  IMG 0140