Flatidae (Flatids, Planthoppers)

Subfamily Flatinae
Tribe Nephesini
Genus Anzora

Genus Siphanta

Subfamily Flatoidinae
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Pending ID – Flatidae

#1. Mid March 2014
Port Sorell
On Acacia longifolia subsp sopohorae.

#2. Flatid nymph parasitised by a Dryininae wasp.
Late February 2015
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
The wasp larvae develops inside the nymph.  When it grows large enough its body hangs out, surrounded by a protective bag (thylacium).  The bag is filled with its shed larval exoskeletons.  The Flatid nymph lives on until the adult wasp breaks out of the thylacium, where it then consumes the nymph.


#3. Late December 2022
Knocklofty Reserve, nipaluna/Hobart
Flatidae nymph


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