Pending ID- Ectrichodiinae

#1. Late July 2020
Chauncy Vale, Bagdad
Under a log
A micropterous adult. Possibly undescribed from what can be found on Australian Ectrichodiinae genera. Some genera have both winged and apterous forms.  There may be strong sexual dimorphism (eg females wingless only)? The only current described Australian genus with wingless forms has both sexes as such, ie Austrokatanga, but the genus/species is clearly structurally different. The recent published key on Australian Ectrichodiinae, Swanson (2019), only mentions Nebriscus pupus for Tasmania, which this is clearly not. It should be mentioned that the key was based on literature, not examination of specimens.


#2. nymph
Mid April 2014
Mathinna Falls track
Under log

#3  nymph
Late August 2017
Knockflofty Reserve, Hobart
Under a log