Genus Peirates

Peirates cf. fuliginosus. This is the only listed Peiratinae species for Tasmania. Adults are largely black with the wings yellowish on the inner edge near the scutellum and claws reddish. Males are fully winged, the pronotum is constricted near the middle. Females are apterous, having only small flaps, and with pronotum distinctly constricted past the middle (as is more typical for Peiratinae). Nymphs are mostly blackish, the abdomen spotted flavous on the margins, the venter luteous, and the pronotum lacking any constriction.

Late December 2010
Spring Beach
A large (about 2.5 cm) and heavyset assassin.

Early November 2012
Clifton Beach


Mid July 2013
“Chauncy Vale” Bagdad.
Overwintering under bark on the ground.


Early December 2013

Early January 2016
Sisters Beach


Late July 2013
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart