Genus Elasmostethus

Elasmostethus have the lateral hind angles of the pronotum well produced, sometimes armed with a spine, giving the body a shield-like shape. Most described Australian species fit a loose general colour pattern of largely reddish antennae, body bright greenish-yellow in life (faded specimens typically loosing the bright greenish tint), pronotum banded apically reddish, and the forewing corium variously lined on the outer margins reddish. On colour some Amphaces, Eupolemus, and Stauralia species may be confused though these three genera lack produced hind angles of the pronotum.
cf. Elasmostethus sp. (spp.) – the below are placed here by fitting the general look of Elasmostethus.
Late September 2014
Binalong Bay
On Leucopogan parviflorus.


Mid October 2014
Tasmanian Bushland Garden, Buckland.

Early October 2015

Early October 2019

Late November 2021
“Inala,” Bruny Island
IMG 1535