Genus Eupolemus

Eupolemus spp. (excepting E. viriscens) are ovate, small (less than 8mm), and have the first antennal segment short (barely, if at all, surpassing the front of the head). All species have pronotum with thin (laminate), reflexed, lateral margins anteriorly. E. viriscens is larger at around 13mm, elongate-ovate, and the first antennal segment much longer.

For the lack of a modern treatment, the species here are tentatively organised based on the old descriptions, the works consulted being that of Dallas (1851, 1852), Walker (1867), Reuter (1881), Van Duzee (1905), Distant (1910) and Jensen-Haarup (1930).  Ten species are listed in Australia.

Eupolemus insularis

   IMG 9021

Eupolemus tasmanicus

  IMG 9183

Eupolemus venustulus

Eupolemus  Eupolemus   

Eupolemus virescens

Pending ID – Eupolemus

#1. Early January 2023
pinmatik/Rocky Cape National Park, Sisters Beach
Identification thanks to  Danilo Lüdke
Photos KE

IMG 5868  IMG 5867  IMG 5865  IMG 5866

#3. Late January 2017
Mount Field National Park
On Pandani
Photos KE

#3.1 Late December 2021
Hartz Mountain National Park
On Pandani
Identification thanks to Danilo Lüdke
Photos KE
IMG 2179 1  IMG 2181 1  IMG 2182

#3.2 Mid November 2022
Mount Field National Park
Photos KE

Pending ID - Acanthosomatidae  IMG 5005  IMG 5004