Eupolemus insularis

Eupolemus insularis has the head and pronotum brownish-yellow with numerous dark punctures. The latter with lateral margins smooth and pale. Scutellum largely straw-coloured and sparingly punctate, excepting a large punctate dark spot in the middle of the base, an elongate black mark in each basal angle, and a series of castaneous punctures lining the lateral margins. Elytral corium largely pale excepting inner basal angle and clavus more or less reddish, and marked black next to scutellum apex. Abdomen laterally above (connexiva) finely spotted black. Only the last antennal segment, excepting base, black. Body length around 7 to 8mm.
The bugs below are somewhat variously marked and coloured but still generally adhere to the above description.
Eupolemus cf. insularis
Late September 2012
Photos AD


Late April 2017
Sisters Beach
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Early November 2023
Photos KE
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