Eupolemus venustulus

Eupolemus venustulus has the pronotum medially in front marked with a black spot. The scutellum bears lateral marginal pale stipes that meet a similarly coloured medial apical stripe, these pale areas being largely impunctate. Elytral corium with large blackish marks on the apical margins, and elytral membrane unspotted. The fourth antennal segment apically, and the fifth largely excepting the base are black. Body length around 6mm.
Eupolemus pictoratus is most similar but differs by the addition of black sublateral marks on the pronotum, the third antennal segment marked apically black, elytral membrane marked with fuscous streaks, and abdominal laterally above (connexiva) distinctly marked with black spots.Eupolemus cf. venustulus
Mid October 2011
Mount Wellington
Bodylength approx. 6mm.

Eupolemus  Eupolemus  Eupolemus

Late December 2009
Mount Wellington/ kunanyi