Genus Platycoris

Eight species listed for Australia.
Adults ~8-11mm bodylength.

Platycoris rugosus
Late May 2012
Platycoris  Platycoris

Mid September 2012
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart

Late March 2011
Mount Wellington
Platycoris  Platycoris

Mid January 2013
Dead specimen
Photos KE

Early February 2016
Doo Town
Photos KE

Late March 2019
Calverts Lagoon
On a Eucalypt trunk
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Mid April 2023
Dodges Ferry
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IMG 6857  IMG 6858

Early January 2024
Edgar Dam
“The wings are almost always reduced in this genus, especially the membrane is very short, but this one has the wings fully developed and is probably able to fly. But usually they don’t know they can and so they don’t even try”
Identification and information thanks to Danilo Lüdke
Photo KE
IMG 9775