Tinganina dimorpha

Tinganina dimorpha – the species name “dimorpha” refers to there being reduced winged adults and fully winged adults. Adults up to 12.5mm

Reduced winged (brachypterous) adult.
Late July 2014
Verona Sands
On Sagg (Lomandra longifolia).
Image by Andrew Bonnitcha, used with permission.

Fully winged (macropterous) adult.
Late February 2011
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
On Acacia dealbata.

Reduced winged (brachypterous) adult.
Mid October 2015
Mount Wellington, kunanyi

Mid March 2021
“Inala”, Lunawanna, Bruny Island
IMG 9081  IMG 9080  IMG 9083

Mid February 2018
The Big Bend, Mount Wellington, kunanyi

Early January 2023
Franklin River crossing of Lyell Highway
Identification thanks to Danilo Lüdke
Diemenia nymph  Diemenia nymph  Diemenia nymph