Scutiphora pedicellata (Metallic Shield Bug)

Metallic Shield Bug, Scutiphora pedicellata
Late October 2010
on a garden Viburnum macrocephalum (Snowball plant)


Late January 2008
Images by Elizabeth Daley, used with permission.


Mid November 2014
Kings Meadows
Images by John Douglas, used with permission.

Mid February to Early March 2013
Margaret Elphinstone kindly sent us the following series showing feeding damage by Scutiphora pedicellata on developing blackberries. She observed that they feed at the developing fruits but do not directly damage them. Thus they appear to feed instead on the stem transporting nutrients into the fruit. The last photo shows three ‘mature’ pale fruits variously affected by the feeding, and a healthy mature fruit below for comparison.

Early March 2016
New Town Rivulet Reserve

Early April 2021
Lenah Valley

IMG 9280  IMG 9283  IMG 9284  IMG 9286

Late September 2022
Lenah Valley
IMG 4514  IMG 4513  IMG 4510

Late December 2017
Cataract Gorge, Launceston
Images by M Randall Webster, used with permission.

Late January 2016
New Town Rivulet
Presumably stranded in the river.
Shed Exuvium
Late January 2019
Images by Sarina Dutton, used with permission.


Adults and nymphs
Late January 2019
The first photograph demonstrates what is presumed to be a teneral adult that has not yet melanised/darkened.
Images by Sarina Dutton, used with permission.