Pison spinolae (Mason Wasp)

Pison spinolae is a large (10-16mm), black species with fine, erect, long silver hairing. Females build clusters of mud cells provisioned with multiple ‘stunned’ orb-web weaving spiders. The mud nests are often found around and in households in all manner of small overhangs, crevices and holes.

Late December 2015
Sisters Beach
Genus identification thanks to bleu.geo.


Late December 2015-Early January 2016
Building the mud nest under eaves.
Genus identification thanks to bleu.geo

After a few days the chamber had been sealed off.

video showing the wasp returning to the nest, and then the buzzing as it deposited the mud.

Mid January 2021
Hellyer Beach
Two individuals
IMG 7756  IMG 7629 2

Early March 2021
IMG 8870  IMG 8872  IMG 8874