Podalonia tydei suspiciosa

Podalonia tydei suspiciosa

Early February 2012
Long Spit Private Nature Reserve, Marion Bay
These search out Noctuid Moth caterpillars to parasitise.
Identification and information thanks to Neville Hudson .

Late December 2014
Squeaking Point, Port Sorell.
Image by Patrick Calmels, used with permission.

Dead individual
Early January 2015
Rocky Cape National Park, Sisters Beach

Early March 2018
Calverts Lagoon
The wasp straddled the caterpillar and ran forwards.  At the burrow entrance it placed the caterpillar just in the hole.  The wasp then entered the burrow to the side and pulled the caterpillar in from behind.


Early February 2021
Marion Bay Dunes
IMG 8319  IMG 8321