Superfamily Chalcidoidea

Composed of 19 Australian families.

Family Aphelinidae

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Family Chalcididae


Family Encyrtidae 


Family Eucharitidae


Family Eulophidae

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Family Eupelmidae


Family Eurytomidae


Family Megastigmidae


Family Mymaridae

Family Pteromalidae

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Family Perilampidae


Family Torymidae

Family Agaonidae
(Currently empty)
Family Azotidae
(Currently empty)
Family Leucospidae
(Currently empty)
Family Ormyridae
(Currently empty)
Family Signiphoridae
(Currently empty)
Family Tanaostigmatidae
(Currently empty)
Family Tetracampidae
(Currently empty)
Family Trichogrammatidae
(Currently empty)

Pending ID – Chalcidoidea



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