Genus Anastatus

Composed of over 30 Australian species.

cf. Anastatus sp.
Mid January 2014
On a treated pine railing
Identification to family thanks to bleu.geo

cf. Anastatus sp.
Late December 2016
Identification to family  thanks to bleu.geo

cf. Anastatus sp.
Late January 2015

When provoked it would leap and land a few centimetres away.

Anastatus sp. wasps emerging from an Orthodera ministralis  ootheca.  The ootheca was collected in early June and the wasps started emerging on September 2.
Originally collected from Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
The ootheca.  Note the emergence holes down on the harder sides of the case.
Individual 1
This one was trying to fix a problem? with its wings.
            Individual 2
(took crummy photos)Individual 3
 Individual 4
These all mainly walked and when they were challenged they would do a fast leap.  They seemed to usually land about 20cm away.


Emergence from Hemiptera eggs.
Mid June 2019
eggs from Calverts Lagoon
#3 is peering from egg to left of yellowish egg.

Individual #1.  These move rapidly and are very uncooperative.

Individual #2

Individual #3

     Individual #4