Figitidae (Figitid Wasps)

Subfamily Anacharitinae
Comprised of two Australian genera.  Anacharitines are known parasitoids of brown lacewing larvae (Hemerobiidae).

Genus Xyalapsis 

Xyalaspis Figitidae    

Subfamily Eucoilinae

Comprised of more than twenty Australian genera.



Subfamily Charipinae
Comprised of four Australian genera.
(Currently empty)
Subfamily Emargininae
Comprised of a single Australian species.
(Currently empty)
Subfamily Figitinae
Comprised of two Australian species from a single genera.
(Currently empty)
Subfamily Mikeiinae
Comprised of five Australian species in a single genera.
(Currently empty)
Subfamily Thrasorina
Comprised of less than 10 Australian species across three genera.
(Currently empty)


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