Callibracon flaviceps

Callibracon nr. flaviceps. Typical (mainland) forms of this species have the head yellowish, marked above with a large forwardly directed blotch, and the body, legs and metasoma (abdomen) black with the latter marked with pale yellow. Apart from the distinctive head markings C. flaviceps is also notable for having the pronotal anterior transverse groove and the second metasomal suture crenulate – in both C. limbatus and C. capitator these are smooth-lined. The braconids below perhaps represents a Tasmanian variety, differing to the typical form in the head more orange, the head blotch slightly more extensive laterally (ie touching the eyes), and the pale metasomal markings without any yellow colour. Bodylength not including ovipositor around 9.5mm.

Early May 2013
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart/nipaluna

Early April 2015