Subfamily Ctenopelmatinae

Ctenopelmatinae contains females with ovipositor barely projecting beyond the end of the gaster. The mandibles are usually large and with two apical teeth. Tasmanian species are medium to large-sized. Forewing areolet is present, rhombic. Westwoodia have braconine facies.Tasmabates are black and yellow with highly polished bodies and forewing stigma stout. Megaceria have ophionoid facies, ie large, with body mostly orange-brown, and ocelli on the head greatly enlarged. Westwoodia, and probably Tasmabates, are internal parasites of sawfly larvae (Symphyta: Hymenoptera). Megaceria hosts include Geometridae and Notodontidae.

Composed of 8 Australian species.

Genus Westwoodia