Genus Enicospilus

These nocturnal wasps are parasites of moth larvae.  They have a flattened, oval disk visible within the “horse head” on the wings.

Pending ID – Encospilus

#1. Enicospilus sp.
Late December 2010
Spring Beach
Subfamily identification thanks to bleu.geo
Note the very short ovipositor (egg laying tube at the end of the abdomen).

#2. Enicospilus sp.
Early February 2013
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart

#3. Late November 2014

#4. Early May 2018
Attracted to light and trapped inside.  It was still alive during these photos…..just.

Late January 2022
Postmans Track, Rocky Cape National Park/ pinmatik Sisters Beach
IMG 2876  IMG 2878