Genus Anonychomyrma

Composed of  11 Australian species.

Anonychomyrma biconvexa

Pending ID – Anonychomyrma

#1. Anonychomyrma sp.
Late October 2019
note the ant head attached to its leg.
Photo KE

#2. Anonychomyrma sp.
Late December 2019
Mount Field National Park
On a Eucalypt trunk
Identification thanks to Peter Slingsby, and  oneanttofew
Photo KE

#3. Anonychomyrma sp.
Early September 2016
Domain, Hobart
Form obvious trails up and down Eucalypt trees.
Identification thanks to Lek Khauv
Photos KE

#4. Late November 2022
Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay
Carrying a spider’s leg.
Photos KE
IMG 5202

#5. Anonychomyrma Queen
Early January 2023
Sisters Beach
Photos KE

Anonychomyrma Queen

Early January 2023
Pinmatik/Rocky Cape National Park, Sisters Beach
Photos KE

IMG 5925  IMG 5927  IMG 5928  IMG 6670  IMG 6671

Mid February 2023
Narawntapu National Park
Tending a mealybug
Photo KE
IMG 6467

Nest under a rock
Late July 2023
Knocklofty Reserve, nipaluna/Hobart
Photos KE
IMG 7369  IMG 7370  IMG 7371  IMG 7372

Early August 2023
Photos KE
IMG 7435  IMG 7436

Early September 2023
Bisdee Tiers
Photos KE

IMG 7717 2 IMG 7716