Ochetellus glaber

Ochetellus cf. glaber

Mid December 2016

Peter Murrell Reserve, Kingston

These were spotted carrying their pupae and larvae along a dead branch of a standing tree. Bodylength approx. 2.7mm.

“The ant in the first image looks as if it has an acidopore and the right profile for the formicine genus Prolasius but the lack of ocelli, concave clypeus, and short scapes rule it out. The combination of naked pupae and bean-shaped larvae places these ants in the subfamily Dolichoderinae, while the five dorsal protuberances on the larva place them in Ochetellus. Perhaps one of the lighter-coloured forms of O. glaber ? See: https://www.antweb.org/images.do?genus=ochetellus&name=glaber&rank=species. ”

Information/identification thanks to Kate Sandiford (via Bowerbird).