Family Tiphiidae (Flower Wasps)

The Flower Wasp adults feed on nectar, but their eggs are laid on mainly  beetle larvae which then provide food for the the wasp larvae.  Most Australian female flower wasps are wingless.   After they emerge from burrows they crawl up grass blades and exude pheromones which attract males.  The male and female then mate, with the male carrying her as he flies around.

Composed of six Australian subfamilies.

Subfamily Anthoboscinae

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Subfamily Diamminae (Blue “Ants”)

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Subfamily Rhagigasterinae


Subfamily Thynninae

hymenopteraapocritaaculeate/suborder-apocrita---aculeate/superfamily-vespoidea/tiphiidae-flower-wasps/genus-catocheilus  insectsoftasmaniahymenoptera2/suborder-apocrita---aculeate/superfamily-vespoidea/tiphiidae-flower-wasps/genus-tachynomyia  hymenopteraapocritaaculeate/suborder-apocrita---aculeate/superfamily-vespoidea/tiphiidae-flower-wasps/genus-aeolothynnus  insectsoftasmaniahymenoptera2/suborder-apocrita---aculeate/superfamily-vespoidea/tiphiidae-flower-wasps/genus-thynnus  insectsoftasmaniahymenoptera2/suborder-apocrita---aculeate/superfamily-vespoidea/tiphiidae-flower-wasps/pending-id---thynninae

Subfamily Tiphiinae
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Subfamily Myzininae
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Pending ID – Tiphiidae


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