Family Vespidae (Paper & Potter Wasps)

Subfamily Vespinae

Composed of only a single Australian genera.

Genus Vespula 


Subfamily Eumeninae (Potter Wasps)
The Eumeninae used to be in a family of their own, but have been moved to become a subfamily within Vespidae. Potter wasps can make their nests underground, in existing holes, or form their own “pots” from mud or chewed plant material.  In each nest cell they lay an egg, which they then provide a paralysed caterpillar, larvae or spiders for  their own larvae to feed on.  The Australian fauna is composed of 37 genera.


Subfamily Masarinae (Pollen Wasps)
Composed of two Australian genera.
(Currently empty)

Subfamily Polistinae (Paper Wasps)
Composed of two Australian genera.
(Currently empty)


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