Genus Paralastor

Composed of numerous Australian species.

Pending ID – Paralastor

#1. Paralastor sp.
Mid January 2009
Rocky Cape National Park
Photo KE

#2. Paralastor sp.
Early January 2012
Mount Field National Park
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#3. Mid October 2014
Images by John Douglas, used with permission.

#4. Mid November 2014
Photos AD

#5. Mid January 2019
Sisters Beach
Scraping sandy soil from the edges of walking track.
Photos KE

#6. Early January 2020
Arthur River
Photos KE

#7. Paralastor sp scraping on bare soil.  The scrape looked like it had been repeatedly used.
Early January 2023
Franklin river crossing of Lyell Highway
Photos KE
Paralastor  Paralastor  Paralastor  IMG 5633 2

#8. Early January 2024
Edgar Dam
Trapped in a glassed-in shelter.
Photo KE

IMG 9782