Lepidoptera (Moths and Butterflies)

Lepidoptera comprises the butterflies and the hugely speciose moths. The adults all share bodies and wings covered with scales. Most adult Lepidoptera have a long coiled tubular proboscis that uncurls to feed. Sometimes this proboscis is reduced or vestigial. In Micropterigidae and Agathiphagidae, the most primitive Lepidoptera families, adults have functioning mandibles. The larvae (caterpillars) are almost exclusively feeders on plant materials, though some are capable of feeding on animal products such as furs, leather and wool. More rarely some caterpillars, including from Batrachedra (Batrachedridae) and Stathmopoda (Oecophoridae), are predaceous on other invertebrates such as aphids and scale insects.

Lepidoptera is one of the largest insect orders. The adults, both butterflies and moths, are quite diverse in colours and patterns, and as such have attracted entomologists very early on. The bulk of currently accepted Australian species were described over a century ago. Despite this a large number of smaller species of moths (‘Microlepidoptera’) await description. Conservatively, Tasmania has well over 1200 described species spread across nearly 60 families. The species are most numerous, and around equal, in Oecophoridae and Geometridae, and together with Totricidae represent around half of the known Tasmanian species. Noctuidae, Pyralidae, Crambidae, Erebidae, and Gelechiidae are also notable.

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Hesperiidae Lycaenidae Nymphalidae Papilionidae Pieridae [Pending ID – Butterflies]

Adelidae Anthelidae Batrachedridae Blastobasidae Bombycidae Brachodidae Bucculatricidae Carposinidae Choreutidae Coleophoridae Cosmopterigidae Cossidae Crambidae Depressariidae Douglasiidae Dryadaulidae Elachistidae Epermeniidae Erebidae Galacticidae Gelechiidae Geometridae Glyphipterigidae Gracillariidae Heliozelidae Hepialidae Hypertrophidae Incurvariidae Lasiocampidae Lecithoceridae Limacodidae Lyonetiidae Micropterigidae Nepticulidae Noctuidae Nolidae Notodontidae Oecophoridae Oenosandridae Opostegidae Palaephatidae Plutellidae Psychidae Pterophoridae Pyralidae Roeslerstammiidae Saturniidae Scythrididae Sesiidae Sphingidae Symmocidae Tineidae Tineodidae Tortricidae Yponomeutidae Zygaenidae [Pending ID – Moths]

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Superfamily Nepticuloidea
cf. Stigmella sp. (Nepticulidae) Opostega sp. (Opostegidae)

Superfamily Epermenioidea
Gnathifera eurybias (Epermeniidae: Ochromolopinae)

Superfamily Gelechioidea
Batrachedra sp. (Batrachedridae) Clover Case-bearer Moth, Coleophora alcyonipennella (Coleophoridae) Leptogeneia bicristata (Gelechiidae) Eupselia melanostrepta (Hypertrophidae) Crocanthes glycina (Lecithoceridae) Barea cf. exarcha (Oecophoridae) White-shouldered House Moth, Endrosis sarcitrella (Oecophoridae) Thema xiphochrysa (Oecophoridae) cf. Garrha sp. (Oecophoridae) Ioptera aristogona (Oecophoridae) Palimmeces poecilella (Oecophoridae) Phytotrypa pretiosella (Oecophoridae) Wingia aurata (Oecophoridae) Stathmopoda melanochra (Oecophoridae) Limnaecia camptosema (Cosmopterigidae) Oecophoridae larva Hemibela sp. larval case (Oecophoridae)  IMG 5992  IMG 8482

Superfamily Tortricoidea
Ancylis sp. (Tortricidae: Olethreutinae) Hermenias rivulifera (Tortricidae: Olethreutinae) cf. Strepsicrates ejectana (Tortricidae: Olethreutinae) Acroceuthes metaxanthana (Tortricidae: Tortricinae) Capua intractana (Tortricidae: Tortricinae) 'Conchylis' subfurcatana (Tortricidae: Tortricinae) cf. 'Dichelia' clarana (Tortricidae: Tortricinae) Technitis campylosticha (Tortricidae: Tortricinae) Tortricinae (Tortricidae) Tortricinae (Tortricidae) Heliocosma incongruana (Tortricidae: unplaced to subfamily) cf. Spilonota constrictana (larval case) (Tortricidae: Olethreutinae) cf. Four Eyes Caterpillar, Cryptoptila immersana (Tortricidae: Tortricinae)

Superfamily Copromorphoidea
Sosineura mimica (Carposinidae) Carposina latebrosa (Carposinidae) Bondia nigella (Carposinidae)

Superfamily Zygaenoidea
Hestiochora tricolor (Zygaenidae) Satin-green Forester, Pollanisus viridipulverulenta (Zygaenidae) Pollanisus subdolosa (Zygaenidae) cf. Pollanisus apicalis (larva) (Zygaenidae)

Superfamily Tineoidea
cf. Caloptilia sp. (Gracillariidae) Dialectica scalariella (Gracillariidae) Tanaoctena pygmaeodes (Galacticidae)  Conoeca guildingi (Psychidae) cf. Lepidoscia sp. (Psychidae) Australian Bagmoth, Cebysa leucotelus (male) (Psychidae) Australian Bagmoth, Cebysa leucotelus (female) (Psychidae) Edosa irruptella (Tineidae) Moerarchis sp. (Tineidae) Dyradaula sp. (Dryadaulidae) Clania sp. (larval case) (Psychidae) Lepidoscia arctiella (larval case) (Psychidae) Hyalarcta sp. ? (larval case) (Psychidae)

Superfamily Yponomeutoidea
 Glyphipterix gypsonota (Glyphipterigidae) Glyphipterix chrysoplanetis (Glyphipterigidae) Zelleria sp. (Yponomeutidae) Dascia sagittifera (Lyonetiidae) Sweet Potato Leaf Miner, Bedellia somnulentella (Lyonetiidae) Diamond Back or Cabbage Moth, Plutella xylostella (Plutellidae) cf. pupal cocoon of Plutella xylostella (Plutellidae) Pandani Moth, Proditrix nielseni (larva) (Glyphipterigidae)

Superfamily Adeloidea
Ceromitia sp. (Adelidae) Nemophora topazias (Adelidae) Pseliastis sp. (Heliozelidae) Pseliastis sp. (Heliozelidae)

Superfamily Choreutoidea
Asterivora sp. (Choreutidae) Small Thistle Moth, Tebenna micalis (Choreutidae) IMG 3593

Superfamily Alucitoidea
Tineodes adactylalis (Tineodidae)

Superfamily Pterophoroidea
Sinpunctiptilia sp. (Pterophoridae: Pterophorinae) Horehound Plume Moth, Wheeleria spilodactylus (Pterophoridae: Pterophorinae)

Superfamily Pyraloidea
Hellula hydralis, Cabbage Centre Grub (Crambidae: Glaphyriinae) Hednota grammellus (Crambidae: Crambinae) Tree Lucerne Moth, Uresiphita ornithopteralis (Crambidae: Pyraustinae) Glaucocharis dilatella (Crambidae: Crambinae) Pond Moth, Hygraula nitens (Crambidae: Acentropinae) Eudonia aphrodes (Crambidae: Scopariinae) White Rush Moth, Tipanaea patulella (Crambidae: Schoenobiinae) Sedenia cervalis (Crambidae: Spilomelinae) Orthaga thyrisalis (Pyralidae: Epipaschiinae) Salma ebenina (Pyralidae: Epipaschiinae) Cadra sp. reared form larva found in rice (Pyralidae: Phycitinae) Etiella behrii (Pyralidae: Phycitinae) Tree Lucerne Moth, Uresiphita ornithopteralis (larva) (Pyraustinae) Salma pyrastis (larva) (Pyralidae: Epipaschiinae) Cadra sp. larva found in rice (reared to adult) (Pyralidae: Phycitinae)

Superfamily Geometroidea
Double-fringed Emerald, Chlorocoma dichloraria (Geometridae) Boisduval's Emerald, Chlorodes boisduvalaria (Geometridae) Textured Emerald, Hypodoxa muscosaria (Geometridae) Bracken Moth, Idiodes apicata (Geometridae) Orange-rimmed Satin Moth, Thalaina selenaea (Geometridae) Broad-banded Carpet, Chrysolarentia conifasciata (Geometridae) Patched Leaf Moth, Monoctenia falenaria (Geometridae) Capusa senilis, Black-banded Wedge-moth (larva) (Geometridae) Geometridae larva

Superfamily Noctuoidea
Black and White Tiger Moth, Spilosoma glatignyi (Erebidae: Arctiinae: Arctiini) Spotted Lichen Moth, Asura cervicalis (male) (Erebidae: Arctiinae: Lithosiini) Granny Moth, Dasypodia selenophora (Erebidae: Erebinae: Catocalini) Heliotrope Moth, Utetheisa pulchelloides (Erebidae: Arctiinae: Arctiini) Forked Footman, Phaeophlebosia furcifera (Erebidae: Arctiinae: Lithosiini) Red Footman, Scoliacma bicolora (Erebidae: Arctiinae: Lithosiini) Acyphas semiochrea, Omnivorous Tussock Moth (male) (Erebidae: Lymantriinae) Green-blotched Moth, Cosmodes elegans (Noctuidae: Acronictinae) Green Cutworm, Neumichtis spumigera (reared moth) (Noctuidae: Acronictinae) Whistling Moth, Hecatesia fenestrata (Noctuidae: Agaristinae) Grapevine Moth, Phalaenoides glycinae (Noctuidae: Agaristinae) Bogong Moth, Agrotis infusa (Noctuidae: Noctuinae) Green Garden Looper, Chrysodeixis eriosoma (Noctuidae: Plusiinae) Crossed Tuft-moth, Nola crucigera (Nolidae) Elegant Tuft-moth, Nola tholeraa (Nolidae) Gum Leaf Skeletoniser, Uraba lugens (Nolidae) Hylaeora sp. (Notodontidae: Notodontinae) Banksia Moth, Psalidostetha banksiae (Notodontidae: Notodontinae) Two-coloured Notodontid, Sorama bicolor (Notodontidae: Notodontinae) Boisduval's Autumn Moth, Oenosandra boisduvalii (male) (Oenosandridae) Boisduval's Autumn Moth, Oenosandra boisduvalii (female) (Oenosandridae) cf. Blood-spotted Noctuid, Proteuxoa sanguinipuncta (larva) (Noctuidae: Acronictinae) Grapevine Moth, Phalaenoides glycinae (Noctuidae: Agaristinae) Gum Leaf Skeletoniser, Uraba lugens (larva) (Nolidae) Banksia Moth, Psalidostetha banksiae (larva) (Notodontidae: Notodontinae) Trichiocerus sp. (larva) (Notodontidae: Thaumetopoeinae)

Superfamily Bombycoidea
Anthela ferruginosa, Rusty Anthelid (Anthelidae) Eye-spot Anthelid, Anthela ocellata (Anthelidae) Spotted Clear-winged Snout Moth, Genduara punctigera (Lasiocampidae) Wattle Snout Moth, Pararguda nasuta (Lasiocampidae) Neat Pinara, Pinara cana (female) (Lasiocampidae) Helena Gum Moth, Opodiphthera helena (Saturniidae) Coprosma Hawk Moth, Hippotion scrofa (Sphingidae) Anthela sp. (larva) (Anthelidae) Pterolocera amplicornis complex larvae (Anthelidae) Casuarina Moth, Pernattia pusilla (larva) (Lasiocampidae) Pararguda sp. larva (Lasiocampidae) Helena Gum Moth, Opodiphthera helena (early instar larva) (Saturniidae) Helena Gum Moth, Opodiphthera helena (late instar larva) (Saturniidae)

Superfamily Cossoidea
Zyganisus fulvicollis (Cossidae) Culama anthracica (Cossidae) Wattle Goat Moth, Endoxyla lituratus (Cossidae)

Superfamily Sesioidea
Miscera sp. (Brachodidae)  IMG 5817

Superfamily Hepialoidea
Labyrinthine Ghost Moth, Abantiades labryinthicus (Hepialidae) Heath Fraus, Fraus pteromela (Hepialidae) Tasmanian Corbie, Oncopera intricata (Hepialidae) Tasmanian Splendid Ghost Moth, Aenetus moorei (Hepialidae) Highland Splendid Ghost Moth, Aenetus ombraloma (Hepialidae) Possibly Abantiades sp. larva (Hepialidae)

Superfamily Papilionoidea
White-banded Grassdart, Taractrocera papyria (Hesperiidae) Two-spotted Grass or Tasmanian Skipper, Pasma tasmanicus (Hesperiidae) Bright Copper Butterfly, Paralucia aurifer (Lycaenidae) Silky Hairstreak, Pseudalmenus chlorinda (Lycaenidae) cf. Blotched Dusky-blue, Candalides acasta (Lycaenidae) Wanderer, Monarch, Danaus plexippus (Nymphalidae) Meadow Argus, Junonia villida (Nymphalidae) Australian or Yellow Admiral, Vanessa itea (Nymphalidae) MacLeay's Swallowtail, Graphium macleayanus moggana (male) (Papilionidae) Cabbage White Butterfly, Pieris rapae (Pieridae) Cabbage White Butterfly, Pieris rapae (larva) (Pieridae) Wanderer, Monarch, Danaus plexippus (Nymphalidae) Silver Xenica, Oreixenica lathoniella (pupa) (Nymphalidae)

Pending ID – Butterflies
Empty chrysalis IMG 3904 103861

Pending ID – Moths