Anthelidae (Anthelid Moths)

Subfamily Anthelinae

Genus Anthela
Common Anthelid, Anthela acuta Common Anthelid, Anthela acuta Anthela ferruginosa, Rusty Anthelid Urticating Anthelid, Anthela nicothoe Eye-spot Anthelid, Anthela ocellata Anthela sp. (larva) Varied Anthelid, Anthela varia (larva) Anthelid larva

Genus Pterolocera
Pterolocera amplicornis complex (male) Pterolocera amplicornis complex larvae Pterolocera amplicornis complex larvae

Pending ID – Anthelidae
Anthelid larva Anthelid larva Anthelid larva Anthelid caterpillar attacked by parasitoid larvae IMG 9723 IMG 0092


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