Genus Anthela

Some Anthela species are highly variable and thus confidence at species level identification can be low, which is certainly the case for some of the moths presented below. For species placement we have relied heavily on both the many plates (pdf files) presented in the Moths of Victoria Part 1 disc and the key and descriptions offered by Turner (1921).

Anthela acuta, Common Anthelid

Common Anthelid, Anthela acuta  Common Anthelid, Anthela acuta  Common Anthelid, Anthela acuta  IMG 7022  IMG 7227  IMG 7471  IMG 7482  IMG 7468

Anthela ferruginosa, Rusty Anthelid

Anthela ferruginosa, Rusty Anthelid Anthela ferruginosa, Rusty Anthelid

Anthela nicothoe, Urticating Anthelid

Urticating Anthelid, Anthela nicothoe  IMG 1262  IMG 9505  IMG 9516  IMG 0688

Anthela ocellata, Eye-spot Anthelid

Eye-spot Anthelid, Anthela ocellata Eye-spot Anthelid, Anthela ocellata

Anthela repleta

IMG 3193  IMG 3151  IMG 0313  IMG 0349  IMG 0316  IMG 0245  IMG 0325  IMG 0326

Anthela varia, Varied Anthelid
Varied Anthelid, Anthela varia

Pending ID – Anthela
#1  Late December 2011
Mount Field National Park

#2. Late January 2012
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Mites leaving the dying caterpillar.

Anthela sp, possibly Anthela ferruginosa
Early October 2022
Identification thanks to Peter McQuillan

IMG 4668  IMG 4669

Early May 2023
On Baloskion tetraphyllum
IMG 7000  IMG 7001

Anthela sp.
Late October 2033
Kelcey Tier, Devonport
Photos KE

IMG 8253. IMG 8255