Genus Opodiphthera

Helena Gum Moth, Opodiphthera helena

Early February 2013
Sisters Beach
The moth was hanging upside down on the vegetation. Its wings were just showing the two dull dots, but when disturbed it revealed the two bright eyepatches by unfolding its wings slightly. When disturbed further it slowly flapped its wings to appear more threatening.

Eight year old child’s hand for scale.

Moments of the wing flap.

Hand Reared Female
Emerged Late December 2016, pupated about a year beforehand.


Hand raised individuals – wings unfurling
November 2007
Lenah Valley
Images by Robyn Gates, used with permission.

Wild males attracted to a female within the basket.
Images by Robyn Gates, used with permission.

January 2010
Lenah Valley
Release to the wild
Images by Robyn Gates, used with permission.

Early instar larva
Late January 2005

Late December 2020
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart/nipaluna
IMG 6752  IMG 6751  IMG 6757

Early instar larva
Mid January 2014
Rocky Cape National Park, Sisters Beach

Mid instar larva
Late December 2012
Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay

Mid instar larva
Mid February 2014
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart

Second individual.

Later instar larva
Early March 2010
Port Sorell
This caterpillar is covered with numerous small oval, white wasp eggs. The eggs would hatch into parasitic larvae.

Later instar larva
Mid March 2010
Knocklofty Reserve, West Hobart

While photographing the caterpillar a weevil decided to walk along the branch and onto the caterpillar. The caterpillar began to thrash to remove it.

Later instar larva
Late April 2014

Very yellow individual
Mid March 2019
Panorama as the caterpillar was much too large for the lens!

More usual green coloured individual on the same day.


Mid January 2023
IMG 6849  IMG 6850