Subfamily Anacampsinae
Genus Aproaerema
cf. Aproaerema simplexella cf. Aproaerema simplexella

‘Subfamily’ Ardozyga Group
Genus Ardozyga
Ardozyga hemichlaena Ardozyga tridecta

Subfamily Gelechiinae
Genus Iulota
Iulota sp.

Genus Symmetrischema
Symmetrischema tangolias

‘Subfamily’ Pycnobathra Group
Genus Leptogeneia
Leptogeneia bicristata Leptogeneia bicristata

Genus Megacraspedus
Megacraspedus popularis

Subfamily Thiotrichinae
Genus Macrenches
Macrenches clerica

Pending ID – Gelechiidae
Gelechiidae Gelechiidae IMG 9849 IMG 9851

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