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· Subfamily Epipaschiinae · Enchesphora Mimaglossa Nyctereutica Orthaga Salma Spectrotrota Stericta · Subfamily Galleriinae · Achroia Aphomia Callionyma Corcyra Galleria Heteromicta Meyriccia Paralipsa · Subfamily Phycitinae · Crocydopora Ephestia-Cadra Etiella Faveria Homoeosoma Patagoniodes Plodia Unadillides Vinicia · Subfamily Pyralinae · Aglossa Diplopseustis Endotricha Gauna Oenogenes Persicoptera Pyralis [Pending ID – Pyralidae]

Subfamily Epipaschiinae
Genus Mimaglossa
Mimaglossa crypserythra (Epipaschiinae) Mimaglossa habitalis (Epipaschiinae)

Genus Orthaga
Orthaga thyrisalis (Epipaschiinae)

Genus Salma
Salma ebenina (Epipaschiinae) cf. Salma marmorea (Epipaschiinae) Salma pyrastis (larva) (Epipaschiinae)

Genus Spectrotrota
Spectrotrota fimbrialis (Epipaschiinae) Spectrotrota fimbrialis (Epipaschiinae)

Genus Stericta
Stericta bryomima (Epipaschiinae) Stericta carbonalis (Epipaschiinae)

Subfamily Galleriinae
Genus Aphomia
Aphomia baryptera (Galleriinae)

Genus Callionyma
Callionyma sarcodes (Galleriinae) Callionyma sarcodes (Galleriinae)

Genus Galleria
Greater Wax Moth or Honeycomb Moth, Galleria mellonella (Galleriinae) Greater Wax Moth or Honeycomb Moth, Galleria mellonella (Galleriinae)

Genus Heteromicta
Heteromicta pachytera (Galleriinae) Heteromicta pachytera (Galleriinae)

Genus Meyriccia
Meyriccia latro (Galleriinae), depositing eggs on Xanthorrhoea flowers. Meyriccia latro (Galleriinae), depositing eggs on Xanthorrhoea flowers.

Subfamily Phycitinae
Cadra sp. reared form larva found in rice (Phycitinae) Cadra sp. larva found in rice (reared to adult) (Phycitinae)

Genus Etiella
Etiella behrii (Phycitinae)

Genus Faveria
Faveria tritalis (Phycitinae)

Genus Patagoniodes
Patagoniodes farinaria (Phycitinae) Patagoniodes farinaria (Phycitinae)

Genus Vinicia
Vinicia gypsopa (Phycitinae)

Subfamily Pyralinae
Genus Aglossa
Grease Moth or Large Tabby, Aglossa pinguinalis (Pyralinae)

Genus Diplopseustis
Eastern Black Tabby, Diplopseustis perieresalis (Pyralinae) Eastern Black Tabby, Diplopseustis perieresalis (Pyralinae)

Genus Endotricha
Endotricha sp. (Pyralinae) Endotricha sp. (Pyralinae)

Genus Gauna
Gauna aegusalis (Pyralinae)

Pending ID – Pyralidae
Pyralidae Pyralidae

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