Ephestia elutella (Warehouse Moth, Tobacco Moth), E. kuehniella (Mill Moth), Cadra cautella (Almond Moth) and C. figulilella are cosmopolitan pests of many stored food products such as dried fruits, nuts, rice, flour etc. The larvae of these species are somewhat similar. The adults are also very similar with wing markings variable and thus not very useful in separating the species. Genitalia characters serves to confidently separate them. However adults can be narrowed into Ephestia and Cadra by hind wing veins M2 and M3 being fused for some distance in the former or separated in the latter.

Reared Cadra sp. (cf. cautella) – found and reared at Franklin.
Late February 2013
Caterpillars found in rice. Cardboard was provided for refuge and pupation purposes.

Mid March 2013
Early pupal stage.

Late March 2013
First adult moth discovered newly emerged.
Cadra sp. reared form larva found in rice Cadra sp. reared form larva found in rice
Stripping back the carboard that had been placed in the container revealed the discarded pupal case, a later instar caterpillar and a pupa wrapped in webbing.
Cadra sp. larva found in rice (reared to adult)