Superfamily Tineoidea

Composed of ten Australian families.

Family Gracillariidae (Leaf Blotch Miner Moths)


Family Bucculatricidae (Flat Moths)

(Currently empty)

Family Galacticidae

Tanaoctena pygmaeodes

Family Psychidae (Case and Bag Moths)

      v  Lepidoscia arctiella       

Family Tineidae (Clothes Moths)
.   Tineidae Opogona nr. stenocraspeda moth Australia. Tineidae Moerarchis moth Australia. Monopis cf. ethelella      

Family Dryadaulidae

Family Douglasiidae (Douglas Moths)
(All Currently empty)

Family  Eriocottidae (Old World spiny-winged moths)
The single Australian species from this family has only been found in NSW.

Family Roeslerstammiidae (Small Ermine Moths)
Family Meessiidae