Family Tineidae (Clothes Moths)

Subfamily Erechthiinae
Genus Erechthias

       IMG 0159  IMG 0157

Subfamily Hieroxestinae

Genus Opogona

Tineidae Opogona nr. stenocraspeda moth Australia  Tineidae Opogona nr. stenocraspeda moth Australia  IMG 9351 2

Subfamily Myrmecozelinae
Genus Moerarchis

Tineidae Moerarchis moth Australia  

Subfamily Perissomasticinae
Genus Edosa

Subfamily Tineinae
Genus Monopis

Monopis cf. ethelella  Monopis cf. ethelella

Subfamily Hapsiferinae
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Subfamily Marmacloninae
Subfamily Nemapogoninae
Subfamily Scardiinae
Subfamily Setomorphinae

Pending ID – Tineidae

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