Genus Heliocosma

Heliocosma incongruana

Early January 2013
Attracted to light.
Photo AD
Heliocosma incongruana (Tortricidae: unplaced to subfamily) Heliocosmidae Heliocosma incongruana moth Australia

Mid February 2015
Squeaking Point, Port Sorell
Image by Patrick Calmels, used with permission.

Early November 2023
Photo KE

IMG 9026

Mid January 2024
Dennes Point, Bruny Island
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IMG 9908  IMG 9910  IMG 9918

Heliocosma sp. caterpillar
Late October 2022
South Arm
On Gazania
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IMG 4841  IMG 4842  IMG 4844  IMG 4845  IMG 4846