Neuroptera (Net-winged Insects)

Neuropterans can be found across most habitats in Australia and 90% of Australian species are endemic (New, 1992).   Most of them are terrestrial, although two families have aquatic larvae.   Neuropterans are considered beneficial due to their predation of other insects.  Adults are diverse in appearance and can range in size from a wing span of  5mm through to 35 mm.  Most are assumed to be predacious although some members of Chrysopidae have been found to be nectar feeders and some other families are omnivorous.

Eggs can be cemented on to vegetation (some families are attached to stalks) or simply scattered on or in soil.  Most families have three larval instars.   Most of the larvae are very active and predacious with a set of protruding jaws.  The pupae are wrapped in a silken cocoon that may incorporate sand or vegetation.

New (1992) stated that the minimum number of Tasmanian Neuropteran species would be 40.

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Chrysopidae  Coniopterygidae Hemerobiidae Ithonidae Mantispidae Nymphidae Myrmeleontidae Osmylidae

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Family Chrysopidae (Green Lacewings)

Family Coniopterygidae (Dusty Wings)
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Family Hemerobiidae (Brown Lacewings)
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Family Ithonidae (Moth Lacewings)
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Family Mantispidae (Mantis Flies)

Family Myrmeleontidae (Antlions)

Family Nymphidae (Split-footed Lacewings)

Family Osmylidae (Giant Lacewings)

Family Sisyridae (Sponge Flies)
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Neuroptera Eggs


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