Genus Bobilla

Pending ID – Bobilla
#1. Hairy Pigmy Cricket, Bobilla sp. (male)
Late March 2011
Mount Wellington, kunanyi
Bobilla Nemobiinae    

#2. Hairy Pigmy Cricket, Bobilla sp. (female)
Mid March 2008
Lake Augusta, Central Highlands
Images by James Wood, used with permission.
pigmy cricket tasmania  pigmy cricket tasmania

#3. Hairy Pigmy Cricket, Bobilla sp. (female)
Mid February 2014

#4. cf. Bobilla sp. (nymph)
Mid November 2014

#5. Bobilla sp.
Early August 2013
Lauderdale Saltmarsh
Identification thanks to Tony R.

#6. Bobilla sp.
Mid January 2015
Sisters Beach
Identification thanks to Tony R.

#7. Bobilla sp.
Early March 2011
Identification thanks to You Ning Su

#8. Bobilla sp?
Early March 2017
Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

#8.1 Early March 2021
“Inala” Lunawanna, Bruny Island
IMG 9032  IMG 9033

#9. Bobilla sp.
Early June 2012
There were lots of these in the foreshore immediately above the sand.
Identification thanks to You Ning Su

#10.  Bobilla sp.
Late November 2013
In groundcover at the side of a pond.
Identification thanks to You Ning Su

#11. Bobilla sp.
Early September 2016
Domain, Hobart
Identification thanks to Peter McQuillan

#12. Late April 2017
Lake St Clair
South West National Park

#13. Male
Late March 2017
Peter Murrell Reserve, Kingston
This male was displaying and singing. Appearing to do so in response to another close singing male.

#14. Mid July 2018

#15. Mid January 2019
Sisters Beach

#16. Late March 2020
New Town Rivulet reserve

#17  Mid April 2022
IMG 3373

#18  Mid February 2024
IMG 0203  IMG 0204  IMG 0205  IMG 0207