Family Gryllotalpidae (Mole Crickets)

Mole crickets live underground in burrows that have entrances designed to amplify their loud call.  There are only ten species in Australia, and these are all in the genus Gryllotalpa.

Mid December 2012

#1. Gryllotalpa sp.
Mid April 2006
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
#2 Late May 2012
When there was an attempt to catch this individual it squirted a stream of faeces as an effective deterrent.
#3. Late January 2013
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart/ nipaluna
#4. Nymph
Early January 2015
Sisters Beach
For scale the holding container was 8.5cm square.
#5. Early January 2020
Arthur River
#6. 35mm from each extremity
Late May 2015
Images by Peter Collenette, used with permission
#7. Early October 2015

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