Ctenomorpha marginipennis (Margined-winged Stick Insect)

Margined-winged Stick Insect, Ctenomorpha marginipennis.   This is a highly variable species resulting in many synonyms.

Early June 2013
(l) undisturbed (r) disturbed.

Late September 2014
Binalong Bay

Mid January 2015

Mid January 2015

Late January 2010
Image by James Wood, used with permission.
stick insect tasmania

Ctenomorpha marginipennis
Late December 2012
Feeding on a  a Chilean Guava (Ugni molinae).  This species was observed to prefer Myrtaceae for food.
Images by Robert Mesibov, used with permission


Early January 2012
The female had been copulating for 2 weeks, nearly non-stop. It’s not clear how many males there had been. In the images below she’s mating with 1, and 2 and 3 are waiting their turn?Images by Robert Mesibov, used with permission

Late January 2013
Image by Robert Mesibov, used with permission

Mid February 2013
Image by Peter Ellingsen, used with permission

Mid May 2011. about 26cm
Jackey’s Marsh, altitude 550m, Western Tiers
Images by Richard Cooper (left)  and Stevie Cooper (right), used with permission