Genus Heterolepisma

Heterolepisma sp.
January 2012
Sisters Beach
Identification thanks to Graeme Smith.

Heterolepisma cf. buntonorum?
Apsley Gorge
Image by Graeme Smith, used with permission.

Information from Graeme Smith (2012) This is an undescribed species of Lepismatidae of the genus Heterolepisma that Stephen Bunton and Graeme Smith collected at several locations in the Hobart, Campbell Town and Bicheno regions. It is only about 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the household Ctenolepisma species (up to 10 mm).  It was found under bark or in very dry leaf litter accumulated in places protected from the rain.
It is really hard to tell the species from photographs of silverfish. The same insect can look very different depending on the angle of the lighting and the background as their scales reflect the light. The two photos of Heterolepisma below are of the same species but they look very different because of lighting but also possibly because one has moulted more recently and the scale covering is more intact.

Heterolepisma cf. buntonorum?
Mount Stuart
Found under bark
Image by Graeme Smith, used with permission.