Useful Links

Tasmanian Insects

Australian Insects

  • Antwiki: “Antwiki provides a wealth of information on the world’s ants.” This website supersedes the now defunct CSIRO site “Ants Down Under” and contains much of the content that used to be in that site including keys, biology, and descriptions. Also includes many photos of specimens.
  • Atlas of Living Australia: Information and an opportunity for non-scientists to contribute.
  • Auchenorrhyncha Keys: Keys to Australian families of the bug superfamily, Auchenorrhyncha, which includes cicadas, planthoppers, leafhoppers, treehoppers, and spittlebugs.
  • Australian Moths Online:  CSIRO photographic moth guide.  Pinned specimens.
  • Butterflies and Caterpillars of Australia: Don Herbison-Evans and Stella Crossley’s photographic site.
  • Brisbane Insects. Photos and information about insects and spiders around Brisbane.  Prepared by Peter Chew.
  • Cleridae of Australia: A central resource for Australian clerid beetles. [Site down in 2021, link goes to Internet Archive.]
  • Elura Sanctuary: Elura Sanctuary is a private nature reserve in South Australia. The owners document on this site the extensive flora and fauna (including insects) with photographs and associated information.
  • iNaturalist:  A citizen science site for everyone to contribute photos and sightings, or to browse Australian flora and fauna images (including extensive insect images).
  • Insects of Townsville: A photographic guide to plants and insects around Townsville.
  • Ladybirds of Australia: Photos and information written by entomologists about ladybirds.
  • Life Unseen: A large photographic collection of in situ Australian insects, and other invertebrates.
  • Morwell National Park Online: Extensive information on Morwell National Park (Victoria) including many photographs of insects found within it.
  • Six Legs Good:  Blog by insect photography guru Paul Zborowski.
  • What Bug is that?: A CSIRO guide with interactive keys, descriptions, and biology of all Australian insect orders and families.

International Insects

Spiders and mites

Tasmanian Fauna, Flora & Fungi

  • About Tasmania: A large photographic record of flora, fauna and fungi in Tasmania. Includes information on walks and places of interest in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Millipedes

Tasmanian Vertebrates

  • Reptiles and Frogs: Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania links to fact sheets of lizards, snakes, and frogs found in Tasmania.
  • Tasmanian Mammals: Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania links to fact sheets of mammals found in Tasmania.
  • Birds: Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania list of birds found in Tasmanian, including fact sheets on many.

Tasmanian Plants

  • Key to Tasmanian Vascular Plants: A very useful Tasmanian online flora resource with keys, descriptions and photographs of Tasmanian vascular and non-vascular plants.