Killing Insects :-(

You might be interested in insects because you want to kill them.  They may be pests.  They may be doing something you don’t like.  Maybe you are scared of them?

There are loads of chemicals you can buy in stores to kill them:


You may want to kill a mosquito, or a fly, but have you thought……..????   If you let this chemical out of a jar………
will die …  and     will die …   and will die …   and will die…and
 will die …   and will die …   and will die …       and will die
and EVERYTHING else in this website will die… the nice and the nasty.
Is that what you want?  Maybe you could have some fun with a butterfly net?  You can catch the annoying critters and then put them outside.
Don’t forget that lots of critters kill, or really weaken insects!  Maybe we should let nature do the job for us a bit more often?