Braconid wasps lay their eggs on living insects.  Maybe they sting too?   So……if you are a harmless beetle or moth, it will help you to survive if you copy the wasp.  There are lots of the wasps but not as many of the creatures that mimic them.  Other organisms have usually learnt about the warning colours from having a bad experience with the wasp. This type of mimicry would not work if there were more of the mimics than the originals.

the wasp

a beetle
a moth


Lycid beetles are common and  taste HORRIBLE….so lots of other beetles that taste nice copy them. Some moths do it too. We haven’t found one yet. I wonder if you will?

the Lycid beetle

a weevila longicorn beetle
 Oedemeridae Pseudolycus rufipennis

a pollen feeding beetle


Velvet ants can sting.  These Clerid beetles can’t!

the velvet ant

a Clerid beetle