Spiders v. Insects: Insect body parts

Why isn’t a spider an insect???

This wasp will help us to show the difference. It’s going to drag the sad spider to a hole.  Inside the burrow the wasp will lay eggs on the living spider, and the wasp babies will eat it alive!  This is not a happy spider!


If a happy or bored spider wanted to be in our website it would have to have these things when it is a grown-up:

Adult insects’ body parts:

•  an exoskeleton.  Absolutely NO bones!

(Spiders are invertebrates – there is not a bone in their body!!!!  They could be on our website if it was just this…)

•  3 main body parts – a head, a thorax and an abdomen

(Uh oh, spiders only have 2)

•  6 legs

(Noooooooo!  spiders have 8)

Happy spiders have NO place in an insect website!!