Pending ID – Blattodea

#1. Cockroach ootheca
Mid September 2011
Rocky Cape National Park

#2 Cockroach ootheca cemented onto Ghania grandis leaf.
Mid July 2018


#2.1  Early October 2020
Cemented onto an exterior wall.
IMG 5323  IMG 5321

#3. Mid September 2012
Rocky Cape National Park

#4. Early February 2012
Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay

#5. Late December 2012
On Nothofagus cunninghamii (Myrtle)


#6. Early January 2013
Sisters Beach

#7. Early January 2013
Sisters Beach

#8. Late March 2013. 0.7cm
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Bottom two images are taken after an overnight moult.
Found under Eucalyptus delegatenis bark.
nest site

#9. Late March 2013. 0.7cm
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Found under Eucalyptus delegatenis bark (above)

#9.1 Mid April 2019
Alum Cliffs Track, Mole Creek
Found on Eucalyptus bark

#10. Late November 2013
New Town Rivulet Reserve, Lenah Valley

#10.1 Early February 2018
The Big Bend track
Mount Wellington, kunanyi

Late February 2014
Moving around in the open during the middle of the day.


Early January 2015
Sisters Beach

#13. Early April 2015


#14. Maybe a Balta sp.???
Late December 2015
Sisters Beach
Attracted to light


different individual

#14.1.  Mid April 2019
Cosy Corner, Bay of Fires
Found trapped upside down in the dew formed on a car.  As soon as the cockroach was put onto a warm hand it became very lively, (too lively), but when returned to the cold car body it immediately stopped moving.
Eventually it was removed to a tree, where it immediately flew off.


#15   Mid March 2016
Denison Beach

#16 Mid July 2016
Close to Castra,
Under fallen timber

#16.1 Mid April 2019
Westmorland Falls track
Mole Creek

Early November 2019
Don Reserve, Devonport

Early July 2021
IMG 0065  IMG 0066

#17 Early September 2016
The Domain Hobart


#18 Late November 2016
The Springs, Mount Wellington
Cockroach carrying ootheca


# 18.5. Late April 207
Lake St Clair

#19. Late April 2017
Lake St Clair National Park
Both of these individuals showed a defensive secretion accumulated on their cerci.  This liquid is composed of sugars, lipids and amino acids, and may be a deterrent to predators (Rentz 2014)

Individual 2

#20. Early October 2017


#21. Mid March 2021
“Inala” Lunawanna, Bruny Island
Found under bark
IMG 9068  IMG 9067

22. Mid June 2021
IMG 9782  IMG 9780. IMG 9786  IMG 9776

23. Early October 2023
Photos KE

IMG 7976  IMG 7977  IMG 7978  IMG 7979. IMG 7981

Late October 2023
Kelcey Tier, Devonport

IMG 8684  IMG 8685

Found dead at the water line
Early January
Edgar Dam
Photo KE

IMG 9754

Late January 2024
Photos KE
IMG 0008  IMG 0005

Rentz, D. C. (2014) (p.22)  A guide to the cockroaches of Australia, CSIRO Publishing. Collingwood, Vic. (Australia)