Pending ID – Blattodea

#1. Cockroach ootheca
Mid September 2011
Rocky Cape National Park

#2 Cockroach ootheca cemented onto Ghania grandis leaf.
Mid July 2018


#2.1  Early October 2020
Cemented onto an exterior wall.
IMG 5323  IMG 5321

#3. Mid September 2012
Rocky Cape National Park

#4. Early February 2012
Peter Murrell Reserve, Blackmans Bay

#5. Late December 2012
On Nothofagus cunninghamii (Myrtle)


#6. Early January 2013
Sisters Beach

#7. Early January 2013
Sisters Beach

#8. Late March 2013. 0.7cm
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Bottom two images are taken after an overnight moult.
Found under Eucalyptus delegatenis bark.
nest site

#9. Late March 2013. 0.7cm
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Found under Eucalyptus delegatenis bark (above)

#9.1 Mid April 2019
Alum Cliffs Track, Mole Creek
Found on Eucalyptus bark

#10. Late November 2013
New Town Rivulet Reserve, Lenah Valley

#10.1 Early February 2018
The Big Bend track
Mount Wellington, kunanyi

Late February 2014
Moving around in the open during the middle of the day.


Early January 2015
Sisters Beach

#13. Early April 2015


#14. Maybe a Balta sp.???
Late December 2015
Sisters Beach
Attracted to light


different individual

#14.1.  Mid April 2019
Cosy Corner, Bay of Fires
Found trapped upside down in the dew formed on a car.  As soon as the cockroach was put onto a warm hand it became very lively, (too lively), but when returned to the cold car body it immediately stopped moving.
Eventually it was removed to a tree, where it immediately flew off.


#15   Mid March 2016
Denison Beach

#16 Mid July 2016
Close to Castra,
Under fallen timber

#16.1 Mid April 2019
Westmorland Falls track
Mole Creek

Early November 2019
Don Reserve, Devonport

Early July 2021
IMG 0065  IMG 0066

#17 Early September 2016
The Domain Hobart


#18 Late November 2016
The Springs, Mount Wellington
Cockroach carrying ootheca


# 18.5. Late April 207
Lake St Clair

#19. Late April 2017
Lake St Clair National Park
Both of these individuals showed a defensive secretion accumulated on their cerci.  This liquid is composed of sugars, lipids and amino acids, and may be a deterrent to predators (Rentz 2014)

Individual 2

#20. Early October 2017


#21. Mid March 2021
“Inala” Lunawanna, Bruny Island
Found under bark
IMG 9068  IMG 9067

Mid June 2021
IMG 9782  IMG 9780. IMG 9786  IMG 9776

Rentz, D. C. (2014) (p.22)  A guide to the cockroaches of Australia, CSIRO Publishing. Collingwood, Vic. (Australia)