Family Cleridae (Clerid Beetles)

Clerid Beetles in both their adult and larval forms are predators of other insects, particularly insects that feed on wood. They are active during the day, and are often seen on flowers.  Ninety percent of Australian Clerids are endemic.

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Blackburniella Eleale  Eunatalis Lemidia  Neoscrobiger Parapylus Pylus   Thriocerodes

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Subfamily Clerinae

Genus Eunatalis


Genus Neoscrobiger

IMG 5051  IMG 1403  Clerid19KE

Subfamily Epiclininae

Genus Eleale

20170225 IMG 2371  IMG 4972  IMG 0335. IMG 7456  Clerid9KE  Clerid3Ke

Subfamily Hydnocerinae
Genus Lemidia

IMG 8373  Clerid7KE  Clerid15KE .Clerid1KE  IMG 1401  20170328 IMG 2825  IMG 0768

Subfamily Korynetinae

Genus Blackburniella

IMG 7299  IMG 2821  Clerid18KE

Genus Parapylus

IMG 5145  IMG 5136

Genus Pylus

IMG 7813  IMG 7817

Genus Thriocerodes

IMG 1413  IMG 1427

Subfamily Thaneroclerinae
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Subfamily Tillinae
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Pending ID – Cleridae

20160922 IMG 9874  IMG 4740



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