Family Latridiidae (Minute Scavenger Beetles)

Subfamily Latridiinae

Genus Aridius 
DSCF3960  20170518 IMG 3551

Possibly Enicmus
Mid December 2021
Mount Field National Park
Tentative identification thanks to Boris Büche
IMG 1703  IMG 1704  IMG 1707  IMG 1708IMG 1706  IMG 1710  IMG 1711
Entire fungus with beetles visible in the cracked surface.

IMG 1301

Subfamily Corticariinae

#1. Cortinicara, or Melanophthalma
Early January
Identification thanks to Boris Büche
IMG 0636

#2. Cortinicara
, or Melanophthalma
Mating and then the same individuals after they had separated
Early January
Identification thanks to Boris Büche
IMG 0637  IMG 0638

#3. Mid November 2017
Rescued from a bird bath
IMG 0575  IMG 0574  IMG 0573

#4. Mid April 2018
On a pumpkin leaf
IMG 3010  IMG 3011  IMG 3014


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